Eden Gives exists to create sustainable and secure food communities. For the past 12 years, we have distributed food weekly to more than 300,000 families in southeastern Michigan with a focus on Detroit.

Through our weekly food distribution program we have come to understand the power of stable and sustainable food in homes which now informs the next phase of our work.


Eden Gives is committed to collaboration and partnership as we do our work in communities. Empowering people at every level fuels the collective ideas that bring results. We know from experience that the people who know best how to revitalize a community are the people who live in it.

Our role is to bring their ideas to life and connect them to resources to accomplish their goals.


four fold model to creating food security

Step 1: Food Relief

Eden Gives mission is to create food secure communities by creating abundance of food through a varieties of ways. Our Approach is four-fold. The first step is to offer food relief when needed. In communities where food is scarce, food relief is often a necessary first step as it creates weekly food security for families allowing them to focus on better jobs, transportation and housing. Food relief is a good first step and our experience has taught us that families who receive relief along with friendship and a sense of community are strengthened in their capacity to make positive change in their lives.

Step 2: Community Assessment

The second step is to create food security in communities is to assess the level of food security. This is done through data procurement, engagement of people in the community and analysis of all data. For instance if the community assessment reveals that there is little to no engagement from people living in the community then we direct our efforts in building a sense of community and connecting people who are interested in working together to create a food secure community. If there is excellent engagement we meet with community leaders and share resources that can be implemented immediately for the benefit of the community and allow them to develop a strategy that we help resource.

Step 3: Community Growing

After the assessment is complete we offer gardening and farming options. Coordinating community gardens that not only create food for families but also can be sold to continually fund the growing of food that creates food security is one resource we offer.

Step 4: Small Farming Business

The last resource we offer communities is to offer small indoor hydroponic growing farming business opportunities to those who want to own a business. These farms create depth of food resource in communities and also increase the local economy through business development.

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Kimberly Buffington

Founder & CEO

Shonda Peterson

Board Director

Chrystal Ridgeway

Board Director